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Studio Equipment

The Latest & Greatest Technology


Our Equipment

Our Equipment includes:


(1)CAD VX2 Large Diaphragm Dual Valve Tube mic

(2)AKG 451 small diaphragm condenser pencil mics

(2)Sennheiser 421MD dynamic mics

(2)AKAI CM-1 tube condenser pencil mics

(1)RODE NTG-2 boom microphone


Avedis MA5 500 series - 2 Channels

BAE 500 series rack

Focusrite Octa-Pre - 8 Channels

Focusrite Voice Master Pro - Single Channel

HD Omni Avid Preamps - 2 channels


Urei LA4

Studio Monitoring:

JBL 12” LSR Series (5.1 surround sound)

Yamaha NS-10’s

BGW Power Amps


Pro Tools 11/12 HD Native

HD Omni Interface

96 analog i/o interface

Software Synths:

Native Instruments Kontact Komplete 10

Reason 10

Logic Pro 10


Taylor 314ce acoustic guitar

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Leslie Type 122 amp and cabinet w/ Trek pedal

M-Audio Midi Controller

Yamaha P-Bass

Our custom studio houses a Pro Tools HD based 5.1 mix stage and control room designed to produce film, television, and music mixes of high standard.  A connected live tracking room is perfect for ADR, Voiceover, Foley, and Music Production.  

We use only the finest audio equipment including Avedis, UREI, API, Sennheiser, Neumann, Hammond, Fender, Marshall and JBL

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